A French Sketching Interview

February 27, 2017 | 2 Comments

I am so honoured to have been interviewed by Renata on her blog here (in English and French). I met her in Lucca last year and have been really interested in what she is doing these days.

Renata has a drawing blog in french with a goal to motivate people who are scared to start drawing or who used to do it but stopped and don’t dare start again. The idea is to draw and to improve by the pleasure of drawing, without judgement and destructive self critics, be able to draw in a simple way – without making it too complicated.

At the moment Renata is offering drawing tips everyday to her followers. She also has a Facebook group where members can participate in free workshops and challenges to continuously train in a pleasant and caring environment.
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And in French….

Renata a un blog de dessin dont le but est de motiver les gens qui ont peur de se mettre à dessiner ou qui le faisaient mais ont arrêté à un moment de leur vie et n’osent pas reprendre.
L’idée est de dessiner et s’améliorer en dessin par le plaisir du dessin, sans jugement et autocritiques destructives, réussir à dessiner sans complexe, dans la simplicité.
Actuellement Renata propose une astuce de dessin chaque jour à ses lecteurs gratuitement. Elle a également un groupe FB dans lequel elle propose des ateliers et défis aux membres pour s’entrainer continuellement dans une ambiance très sympathique et bienveillante.
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(apologies to my email subscribers for the strange characters in that paragraph – please click here to read it properly!)

I hope that you enjoy the interview!


  • Gayle says:

    Thank you so much for introducing me to Renata. I immediately subscribed to her blog, and mentioned in the comments that I discovered her through your blog. Though I am fluently bilingual, almost all art training I had was in English, as well as my books and online resources. So, this is a great opportunity to not only get some more great sketching and drawing advice, but also to add art-related words to my French vocabulary. I had been approached to teach some basic art to adults at our French Center, and though I didn’t feel ready to do this, at least now, if I decide to do so later on, I will have the proper names for materials and techniques.

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