A chance to share our BCN experiences!

September 7, 2013 | 1 Comment

Our monthly USKSYD meeting this month was a BCN debrief!

Alissa, Chris and I shared our symposium experiences and described the workshops we did and what we got out it. Here is a combination image of all the sketches I did during the workshops (I didn’t do anything on other pages or in another sketchbook …but most of the notes have been added since I got home)

It was then lunchtime …so no sketching got done as a group today. Still it was great to get the USK buzz going and have friends to share our experiences with (non sketching friends don’t quite understand what the fuss is about!) It was a lovely warm day of about 30C so lovely to spend a morning in the gardens! Wow – warm weather for early spring.

On the way out I did a quick crazy sketch… couldn’t come to the Botanic Gardens and not sketch! Then I had to remember to vote on the way home! – it is election day today and it is compulsory. I was planning to sketch the queue to vote but at 2.30pm there wasn’t queue at all (so no sketch)… maybe a little sketching from the TV tonight – a new Prime Minister????

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