Last week of Sketching Mosman classes

September 11, 2013 | 3 Comments



Today was the last of a 4 week sketching class in Mosman. We ended up spending the whole time down at Balmoral and have enjoyed it so much that ….Next month there will more Balmoral sketching!

This time classes will be Friday mornings 11 Oct- 1 Nov (4 weeks)…more detail coming soon.

We were looking at colour and also re-visited value to see how the two work together so closely. I ended up getting excited about my mixing of pigments (how surprising) and also doing a number of demos – 3 in fact …and they brought everything together that we have been looking at for the 4 weeks of classes.

One demo was a landscape thumbnail and colour study where I was carefully controlling the value of the colours I was looking at and how I kept my strong focus,. Next was a quick sketch of ‘Billy the dog’ – though I was mainly drawing the plinth he was on and how I adjusted the values and colours in flat light.

The final demo was a full sketch – the sun came out briefly and I tried to remember the light-dark pattern as I sketched. All three of these demos were not prepared beforehand so it was fun to share my whole thought process with my class.

Thanks to these wonderful sketchers for making the last 4 weeks so much fun! (this photo was taken in the middle of my final demo)



  • suzi poland says:

    It's always great to watch you in action, Liz, which translates well in your collage here. Thanks again for a great series of classes, looking forward to the next series.

  • Sue Pownall says:

    Wish I could join you it looks so interesting.

  • Eric Bosloor says:

    I have always loved your works, Liz. It is amazing to have such talent. It would definitely be useful especially if you are a frequent traveller. There are many beautiful sceneries and buildings to draw. If only I have such skills, I would have an entire amazing collection of hand-drawn memories. They would be great for gifts as well which is unique and one-of-a-kind, don’t you think so? Anyhow, I love to see more of your masterpieces.

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