People Practice: Bic vs Sailor

September 6, 2013 | Leave your thoughts


When in London I saw the bic pen in action in the hands of Adebanji Alade?  which of course was very inspiring! This week I finally got around to getting hold of one and so tonight I tried. After 2 heads, well 3 in fact (one under one of the yellow post-it note) I wasn’t going so well (fussing with my lines)… and then I saw my new green sailor pen (thanks to Isabelle Laliberté?) sitting nearby and gave it a go… a lot better! I prefer to just give it a go and live with the consequences and the variable line was fun ( a way of saying that I wasn’t controlling the thick and thin very well!)

Suits the mood I am in at the moment of not having much time for my daily sketchbook and when I do sketch in it, I am not taking my work too seriously.

Anyway… enjoyed putting this page together very much! … of course part of it is the composition of the spread and making sure somehow I get some colour on the page. Just got to start doing it in public now!

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