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December 30, 2015 | 6 Comments

Rather than writing a summary of ‘my achievements’ and the highlights of my adventures during the year, I thought I would review the most popular blog posts during 2015. Sharing content that everyone finds useful or inspirational is what I am all about, so in a way this collection of blog posts is in fact my big achievement of the year  – thanks to you all, my readers!

They are all posts that involved a bit of time in planning and production – the ‘big posts’ for me as well – and in between them are lots and lots of everyday sketches, sharing the adventures of my life. Finding a sustainable balance between these two types of posts is one of my goals for 2016.

So here they are, not in any particular ranking:

Reviews of my sketching trips

Every time I go away on vacation I spend a lot of time sketching, and as a result, my trips become a season of great development for my art. Coming back home and scanning all my sketches is a big job, but my favourite part is the summary post I do, sharing the big ideas that are in my head on my return.

Outlines and ideas behind my workshops and online classes

This year I finished my Foundations Course in Feb and then ran my second online class Edges in September. These posts are summaries of what I taught and learnt from putting these courses together!


Thoughts about doing daily challenges

In May I participated in the annual Every Day in May challenge

I wrote Why Bother? Part 1: Pushing yourself for a challenge as response to the struggles I encountered.


Asking for your preference

I thought it would be fun to ask your opinion on these four versions and guess what the results would be.


Palette Decisions and anything related to my kit

As a general rule anything to do with my watercolour selections is very popular…

And you might also be interested in the top posts from last year with a lot of important principles:


Product Reviews

I intended to do more this year but of the product reviews which I did do, these were the most popular:


The danger of sharing your work online

Not the happiest event to have to blog about:


A random review….

The most commented on post of the year:


and more recently….

My big series on Fountain Pen Sketching

No surprise that these have been the most popular posts all year!

Index to all 7 parts.


My reflections of three years since quitting my day job

And my favourite post for the year which was kicking around in my head for a month… 

“Give it three years” and three other helpful quotes from my friends

Just for the record, I am still in the process of replying to everyone who left a comment on this post. I was really moved to tears as I read them all – thankyou!


And finally, a few teacups!

I couldn’t do a summary blog post without including a teacup could I? So here is yesterday’s post!


These might be the most popular in terms of the numbers, but I would love to know what was YOUR favourite post (or type of post).  

What you would like to see more of here in 2016?

Thanks again for being with me on this amazing journey this year. I plan to do one more post in 2015, but if you don’t get a catch to pop by tomorrow – Happy New Year!


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  • Liz Steel says:

    Thanks Helena
    Yes. I hope to go to Manchester

  • hfm says:

    Great post!
    Preference for Castle Howard is for B.
    No preference post as all your posts are importante for me, always everything new and so much explanations to learn and think about.
    For 2016 would love continue Reading about your thoughts over sketching no matter the theme would be.
    My dear Liz, I wish you the best for 2016, maybe we shall meet at Manchester. The best for you.
    Helena Monteiro

  • Barkleigh2 says:

    You have been a consistent and continual inspiration all year. My sketching ability grew so much from the first Foundations course, and Edges gave me more to think about as I continue to sketch. The pen review was fantastically useful as I grow my own collection and put them to use. I look forward to traveling vicariously along with your blog wisdom in the coming year. A huge thanks!

  • Cindy C says:

    Amazing Blog! I look forward to each new one. Thank you for taking the time to share your special gifts. I contacted Goulet Pens regarding your Blog and ordered my first Lamy Safari….Bravo Liz!!
    Cindy Cali – Pennsylvania – USA

  • Liz Steel says:

    Oh! thank you so much Barkleigh2!!!!

  • Liz Steel says:

    thanks Cindy and I hope you enjoy your lamy!

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