Sunday Monday - Berry Island Boatshed

November 12, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Still exploring the wonderful possibilities of a larger page… For lots of text and my standard size images AND white space! I am struggling a little with using my large Da Vinci brush… I am out of practice and finding that I am using it with too much moisture in it.

Also….I am really longing to be able to do a bigger sketcher (ie. Fill on page A4 size) but don’t have the time at the moment and need to be really careful not to have my neck/shoulders in a bad sketching position (or any one position for an extended period of time) Talking with a friend about ‘ipad neck’ on the weekend (I must be the last diehard mac fan who doesn’t own an ipad) but I really think that we need to have some discussions about ‘sketchers neck’! I do plan to address my recent experiences and experiments in regard to this crucial issue soon-ish!

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