Missing in action

November 12, 2012 | 5 Comments

Looks like my beloved Lamy pen has gone …. last used in Air Coffee Castle Hill but no where to be found… though I always live in hope that it might turn up somewhere.

I am not totally Lamy-pen less as I have my gold nib black and sliver Joy which is a little heavier and a little too expensive to lose (the nib is worth a lot more than the pen). I much prefer the older model(black and red) to use and my hand has a special bond with it… I put that pen in my hand and the creative juices just start pumping… not to mention the travels that we have had together.

I am not easily able to replace the black and red Joy as it is no longer available here in Australia… so might try to source it overseas…

I have been having a bad run lately….. a few weeks ago I lost the necklace I wore nearly every day for years (it has definitely gone- fell out of my pocket one morning) and my tom tom and sunglasses disappeared 2 weeks ago only to re-emerge on the weekend in strange locations. But these are only ‘things’ and ultimately not that important….just a touch frustrating that I seem to be so careless/scatter brained at the moment!


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