This week

September 21, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Just checking in to show what I have done this week (otherwise too much to catch up on when I get back to my regular posting – of course a good question to ask is why do I need to catch up at all?… But I do like to have an online record of my sketches for my own reference…maybe a weekly post like this is a good compromise)

BTW I suddenly realised this week that I have been shamefully biased towards western architecture and need to draw some eastern architecture!
BTW2 I have been good giving up black tea and coffee… But some how wheat and sugar slipped through yesterday…but I was in need of a little treat. Need is probably too strong a word…but it sure hit the spot!
Ok.. I am supposed to be having a break from posting… Just now is the first time I put my computer on all week. So must be time to switch it off again.
Have a good weekend….

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