Semi detached and two ways to do sky

September 14, 2012 | 3 Comments

Sketch from this morning- which was a great exercise in mixing some colours – as per my notes. I haven’t go the right blue but the intensity is fairly accurate to what the sky was this morning!

BTW, one of the differences between alcohol markers(Copic, Pantone, Promarker, Chartpak) and other ones like Tombow or Pitt is the consistent wash you can get. I was trying to achieve a perfect wash with the sky today (on the right hand side – three layers applied slowly, very moist. The left side was quick and light touch) Can you layer multiple colours with these other markers? – with my Copic I am sometimes applying more than 5 layers and never goes murky.

BTW2 this is the 19th day that I have gone for my 30 min sketch and walk before work – ie. In 4 weeks I missed one day (due to a (bad-ish) headache…so just getting to the office was the achievement of the day!) A few occasions, when running late, I have just done a 10-15min s&w but it has still achieved my aim. I picked the most perfect time of the year to start this new regime… I have had sparkling fresh mornings and only 2 or 3 with clouds (and no rain) I am intending to keep this up as a regular part of my life.
Crows Nest, Sydney Australia


  • Sue Pownall says:

    Your sketch/walk before work is a great idea! May steal it. I find it amazing how much you achieve in a short time sketching.

    Off to check out your new blog now.

  • pauline says:

    when i saw this semi detached home with the beautiful handwriting, my first thought was "she MUST be an architect!!" BE-EAU-TI-FUL work. Then i saw your blurb about your other blog… 😉 I'm off to visit there now. Thank you for sharing! xox

  • Chantal says:

    Your quick sketches are gorgeous and I love that you are sharing clothing and bags of the day as well. I have only just committed myself to some regular drawing here in Sydney too – have lots to learn! Funnily have discovered you via an illustrator friend in Canada! Looking forward to following your posts.

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