120823 fun with markers at work

August 23, 2012 | 2 Comments

This is a work sketch I did today (brought the sketch home to do a decent scan) This is colour with markers over a VERY basic Liz-hack style computer model.
Really really excited by using these markers and am so thankful for the great workshop I took by Eduardo Bajzek at SD

It is amazing how much you can layer colour and it never seems to get murky.
A little pencil over the top

120821 fun with markers
I am using mainly Copic markers with the 12 promarkers I got at SD…

And this was an experiment inside my work notebook eariler in the week. I kept layering and layering to test out the colours – each layer was only seconds while I was waiting for a drawing to print… and then next print 20 minutes later I would add another layer.


  • Liz Steel says:

    no, it is not you or the paper… the markers bleed through every paper I use… which of course is not a problem at work whne drawing on bond paper.

  • The markers look great Liz. What paper are you using that doesn't bleed? When I use my markers they always bleed. Maybe it is the markers and not the paper in my case…

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