This week (so far!)

June 8, 2012 | 1 Comment

I have had a very busy 4 days… and no real time to sketch (4 medical appointments with minimal waiting time, trying to catch up my lost hours in the office working through lunch, early mornings…and bad traffic!)
HOWEVER, these are the pages I have managed to squeeze out of small opportunities.

A few thoughts:

  • this smaller than normal sketchbook has been great for my loose and reckless use and experimentation (WCP and watercolour in the dark while stopped in traffic in the evenings)
  • waiting room sketches are fun because you never know if you will have a short period of time or a long time…. Good practice for travel sketching
  • I am enjoying more and more sketching without ink lines – I might make a bit of a mess but am sure having fun!!!!!
  • Trip Prep – visiting a travel doctor is not the most exciting of the required things I plan to do before my trip in July and a tetanus shot is giving me a sore arm (groan groan!!! At least my sketching arm is feeling good!) BTW the travel doctor was VERY impressed that I am booked to go to the Dominican Republic – not a standard destination and it made her look up her book to check something.


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