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May 19, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

Been involved in an online discussion this week on traditional artists sketchbooks (messy, scrappy, experimental and working type books which are really notebooks for studio work) vs the every page perfect sketch (sketchbook is the end) vs the illustrated journal (a record of the moment).

Although I do have a certain freedom in my book I sometimes refrain from jot down notes/scribbles because I am afraid of a messy page. Here is an example of a Liz-messy page which I often don’t bother to post. A collection of random trivial notes and small sketches. The architect in me wants to maintain a standard of neatness at all times – even my quick notes have to be ‘neat’…but having said that, if my writing is neat, I can live with the most scribbly sketches.

Just to clarify this is not a really messy page… it is just as messy as I am ‘allowed’ to be in my sketchbook… Also – I should add that at work, as an architect, I try to do everything – even my quick working sketches – at a standard of neatness that I can present it to a client. This is an IMPORTANT diligence that means I am working more economically and profitably…not having to waste time re-drawing things.

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