What is the focus of the sketch?

May 18, 2012 | Leave your thoughts

100807SA_03 St Barts St Bartholomew NYC I never uploaded every single page from my 11 week trip of 2010… And this was a quick scribble sketch I did in between destinations when I was in NYC. What I love about traveling sketching is the experience of walking down the street and suddenly seeing something that compels me to get my sketchbook out – a lot of the time when I am traveling on my own I have the option to give in to this impulse. This sketch is a record of what I saw… sketching and painting as I looked at it but without too much thought of what I was doing 120517 St Barts revisited I have been thinking lately that I often include too much detail in my architectural sketches(as per above) and that I really should spend more time thinking what is the most important aspect of the building – what should be the focus of my sketch. This is a quick sketch I did last night from a photo of St Barts. As the sun (between the surrounding skyscrapers) was hitting the building on the dome area – I decided this should be the focus. Using my rapid reinstated line technique (my design working sketch style) I added more detail at this area and was looser in the other parts of the building. I am finding that if I focus on one part of the building, there is less pressure to get the perspective perfect on the remaining parts. Looking forward to the next time I can get out and do some sketching and test out some of my recent experimental sketching I have been doing from photos… Hasn’t been many opportunities recently. 120511 NYC researching While thinking of NYC… If you missed this elsewhere… I am booked to go back to NYC in July and am doing a bit of research. These are quick sketches (inkless!!!) I did while reading last week…. what I wrote elsewhere at the time Friday night and reading a very good book on Contemporary Architecture in NYC. Yes, I have booked to have a week in NYC in July and am determined to be a little more prepared than I was in 2010 (my first visit as part of my mega 11 week long service leave trip) Although I intended to spend this evening reading, I ended up sketching as well! I don’t draw very much contemporary architecture, I know… older stuff IS definitely more fun to draw! However I did enjoy doing these although I did want to do more looser versions. (I hope my beloved Lamy pen doesn’t dry up with this recent neglect!)I also tried out some of those grey mixes I was playing with the other day.) I hope to explore and share some strategies for drawing skyscrapers in the coming weeks. I really like the Copper Union building and was shocked to realise that I forgot all about trying to visit it in 2010. Has anyone been inside???? I am very interested in any non-obvious suggestions of things to do and place to visit. I have been a little overwhelmed by the number of good sounding tearooms I have been finding lately. Last time I went to Pearl Art last time – any other art stores I should visit.

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