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November 25, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Sorry, I have been a bit slack posting to my blog this week.

A bit hard for Monday morning
A little unexpected adventure on the way home from church yesterday morning meant that I had a visit to a tyre place on the agenda this morning.
My brain was really struggling to divide the circles into 5…sometimes your sketching brain needs some warming up first….

BTW, I am continuing to enjoy my S&B Alpha book. I will do some real tests soon…

Tuesday: A TOY
A very rushed sketch tonight… want to get back to sketching the Spanish weekly challenges

Wednesday morning: For Simonetti
last night a photo of these treats was posted on my facebook page by Luis (Simonetti)- the sketcher who is soon going to leave the land of the pasteis de nata for a world sketching – – suppose he has to get a full dose before he leaves?

Of course I had to draw it this morning over breakfast. An important subject to test in my new Stillman & Birn Alpha sketchbook

Thursday: Hot and Cold
A page celebrating the fun weather we have been having lately. Last year I recorded similar changes in early Nov but this year is it late November!

a few dress patterns I have come across in recent days… if any one has some good blogs for me to start following let me know. I DO need to start sewing some of those fabrics I bought in the last few years
The world of sewing blogs

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