Quiet weekend

November 21, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Didn’t end up doing most to the things I had planned/ scheduled in during the weekend for various reasons…
Actually I will start with Friday lunchtime – a quick but expensive sketch
went into the $2 shop and saw a cute notepad with Australian notes…of course I had to stick one on my page and try to draw over it… bit of a crazy thing to do (I think the $10 note would have been better since it is lighter and more uniform in tone) Of course there is no mistaking this for the real thing as our money is plastic!!!!

Going through my sketchbooks too quickly…It is a bit of a worry…but I need to start sketchbook No. 45 tonight. #44 only lasted me 3 weeks and one day…and I don’t feel like I have been doing THAT much sketching…but obviously I am. Last year the 120 page sketchbook lasted me minimum of 5 weeks.
This page (doing the same old thing over and over again) is the first in a Stillman and Birn Alpha Sketchbook. I am quite excited at giving this a go- the Gamma book which we were given at the Symposium, with the cream paper just didn’t feel right for me but I can tell that this bright white paper is going to be nice. Stay tuned for my explorations with this paper – I know that there are some limitations with watercolour (like there are with my normal sketchbook paper) but it is SOOOO lovely to draw and write on!!!!!


111119 Testing out my Alpha Sketchbook – A new sketchbook paper is a great excuse to do a standard Liz-sketch… (I did a cup of tea sketch last night as well but I will refrain from posting that)
Nothing at all wrong with this paper on this sketch. LOVE the tooth of the paper ti write and sketch on!!!!

Visiting my new niece – Very quick sketches in between a nurse of my new niece (two weeks old today!) Of course she is gorgeous and it is so nice to have a baby girl around (so many boys born in my circles in recent years) Didn’t get a chance to sketch her today…but I will some day!


Time to put my books back on the shelves -cricket on the radio and cicada’s starting their evening chorus after a hot day is the perfect background for a long overdue tidy up… (I have so many books that putting my books away can become a big shuffle depending on what I want to have in easy access)

111121 A bit too hard for a Monday morning
A little unexpected adventure on the way home from church yesterday morning meant that I had a visit to a tyre place on the agenda this morning.
My brain was really struggling to divide the circles into 5…sometimes your sketching brain needs some warming up first….

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