Needing a remedy for Post Lisbon Symposium Syndrome?

August 20, 2011 | 3 Comments

No… really it is great to be back home with friends and family, back in Sydney (despite the rain and winter!) back at work and church and ordinary life…
especially when I get an opportunity to have a quiet morning at home.

Feel the need to go outside and sketch something natural and green… not the nicest weather when I was out there but still a nice bit of chill sketching….

HOWEVER… what better place to catch up with my dear friend… than Sweet Belem, home to “the best Portuguese tart’ in Sydney.Yum!!! these are as good as any could be out of Lisbon (I have to qualify it like that so as not to offend all my dear Lisbon friends) My friend was so impressed that I didn’t have to be the one to suggest we have another round…

Had a lovely conversation to the owner about Lisbon, Portugal and sketching. I hope she looks this up and then visits This really made me feel ALMOST like I was back in Lisbon except for the fact that I was the only one in sight that was sketching!! And just for the record there is a round 3… I bought a takeaway box for the other members in my house!!!(to have with a ‘proper’ cup of tea)

Due to going away the day after my birthday..I am still getting presents. I am not one for making a fuss about birthdays so lovely to get more pressies.

Ok… more Lisbon sketching. This elevation sketch of the same building from last night is the best way I know to really understand and explore the details of a building. There are certainly some quirky details! I use the sketches on the left page to work out what is happening in order to draw the one on the right. Okay… enough sketching for a quiet day!


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