Sweet Belem Round 3, a NinaBrush and a Szaza handwritten letter

August 22, 2011 | 2 Comments

Round 3 for the Sweet Belem Pasteis de Nata were takeway… we enjoyed them for afternoon yesterday before heading for church. As Sunday (the Lord’s Day) is my day of rest I did this sketch tonight from a photo.

Today I got a parcel from Dick Blick which contained a convertor for my Art Pen (not shown) and another brush! I feel in love with the brush that Nina was using. A Da Vinci #12 (I think) I couldn’t quite justify the expense of that so I got a #10. The free da vinc burshes I got in London were so beautiful that I got a Da Vinci #6 travel brush from Parkers Art last week and ordered a big one from the states (so much cheaper than buying it here). It is SO beautiful, soft and juicy but with an amazing point.

AND…. best of all I got an old fashioned handwritten letter from Samantha Zaza who is currently in Nepal (thanks to a random Facebook status that I responded to). When I was in highschool I used to have over 40 penfriends from around the world and wrote a few letters a week!

Just a normal day…..

A few photos from Saturday…

A guilty smile… this is round 2 – BB approves

YUM YUM YUM!! BTW scones are considered a second rate option now!(can you believe I said that!)


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