Trip 2011: USK Lisbon Symposium Day 3

August 19, 2011 | 2 Comments

Day 3 of Symposium – a HUGE day of sketching, 12 spreads in my sketchbook and 2 sketches for the USK auction…..
10_Fri23 01 Summary

My summary page is full of words today…. on the left I have tried to write as many little details as I can. On the right are very precious words which I have really enjoyed re-reading as I have finished these pages tonight.
The two small sketches are print outs of the two auction pieces that I did. A silent auction was organise to raise funds for next years scholarship. The only time I had to do these was early morning…
10_Fri23 13&14 My two auction pieces of Rossio Station
Here are my two sketches of Rossio station done in the morning on the last day. Having this time to sketch on my own was SO important and special. it gave me time to absorb so of the previous days activity and ideas and I had a couple of lightbulb-application moments. This is one of the things that I love so much about sketching… I am able to do so much thinking while I scribble away. I didn’t enjoy the overall sketch as the building facade was so flat(but had the quality thinking time then) however I got myself into a real buzz doing the detail of the entry door.
10_Fri23 02 Contrastes Exercises
The final session – Contrastes with Asnee and Joao in an amazing steep street with wonderful contrasts of shadow and line. We were to not worry about perspective but just light and shadow. I thought I would do the exercises…but I was really hankering after doing an overall “liz-sketch’ as I missed out on the day before doing architecture type sketching…so my attempts at the exercises were half-hearted.But still good for me!
10_Fri23 03 Contrastes Rua da Bica view
Ok.. here is the overall sketch. Was in very good company…sketching alongside Eduardo Bajzek from Brazil. He was having a nice conversation with a local boy about how rowdy the crowd had been the night before…. there was more than a single bottle(as shown in my sketch) on the street!
10_Fri23 04 Contrastes Rua da Bica more view
I was in the mood for a lot of sketching…indeed I found the 3 hour sessions plenty of time to do a lot of sketching and a lot of talking(what is surprising…I hear you say!) and some sharing of sketching of sketchbooks (sadly I didn’t see enough of everyone else work…but thankfully can do so now!) I was having a bad morning with keeping my brush clean…not sure what was going on ….
10_Fri23 05 Contrastes Washing Line
One more at the Rua de Bica…..(I just can’t stop!!)

10_Fri23 06 Contrastes Lunch

A great lunch…sadly for Josu and Luis there was a mix up with their meals so we all lost track of time and missed the afternoon lectures! Oops!!!
BTW I discovered that ripping my placemat as soon as I sit down and sticking on my page was a great way to get collage and texture on the page.

10_Fri23 07 Sketchcrawl1
Last year I got pre-post-symposium-syndrome…ie I was sad about it finishing that I was restless and unable to sketch…. not so this time. BUT I desperately need a coffee to keep going (of course a proper cup of tea would have been better but we can’t have everything! ) Lovely time with Omar and Karina… but I soon got keen to move on and sketch more!!!!
I really love Praca do Comerico and it was SUCH a buzz to be in the main square of Lisbon with about 300 other sketchers for the sketchcrawl!!! Wow!!
10_Fri23 08 Sketchcrawl2
Lovely afternoon sitting in the shade…looking out towards the river on the open side of the square. ..sketchers everywhere.
10_Fri23 09 Sketchcrawl3
Decided just to go wild and sketch whatever, however loosely I felt like using my large brush. Added the small sketch later… this is a very interesting corner view from the square. Was sitting next to Melanie Reim at the time who was also sketching this direction.
10_Fri23 10 Sketchcrawl4
Can I do one more sketch… yes!!! Looking towards the end pavilion…oh! there is Omar painting (not that you can tell as my people are too blobby) Meanwhile Marina sketching the wonderful sketch of me and BB (my facebook profile picture) and I sat next to Filipe(instructor for cityscapes) he was drawing a single bay onf the building in the book for Alissa so I thought I would add that to my page. Ran out of time….
Time to go back to the school for the wrap up… all good things must come to an end…but not quite yet!!!
10_Fri23 11 Final Lisbon dinner
Finally we got some dinner…I thought that I better attempt some sketches of my friends on the opposite side of the table(aagh!! I am never happy!)…AFTER I had drawn our food. Funny name for a restaurant that serves great local food.
10_Fri23 12 Post dinner sketching
And then REALLY finally, I went out to the legendary cafe next to the hotel for a cup of tea. I was really TOO tired for this sketching…



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