A busy busy day & how I finish off my pages back home

May 28, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Had a very busy day out today and wasn’t feeling 100% – had a background headache so didn’t have the usual drive to sketch madly all day. I got home at 7.30pm and this is the state of my pages. In many ways today was a perfect example of many of my days when I am on a trip – tired, background HA, rushing from A-B without time to finish the sketch at the time, walking lots (14000 steps today!), catching up with friends…just generally trying to do too much in one day!
So crucial for me is to get back to my room at a reasonable hour (after an early dinner like tonight) and sit down with a cuppa tea and finish off my pages that were started during the day.
Stay tuned for what these pages end up as. I plan to keep an eye on the time that it takes to complete these for future reference.This is all part of necessary training for a full travel journal!!!!

ok, here are my pages from today after 1 hours work in the evening (including downloading pictures of some of the artwork I saw today and sticking in journal)
Might have been nicer to spend a little more time adding paint and notes but somehow the speedy completion of the pages is in mood with the day.

BTW the vertical motorbike is a winning landscape work

I loved the winning Archibald painting – wonderful!!!

It was quite a fun thing to do to sketch MOVING food!!! We had a hot meal but were sitting next to the sushi train!

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