Food Diary 2011 - Starting Again

June 1, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Ok – now that my blurb book is ALMOST finished – I am going to get back to a disciplined life and food diary is going into serious mode.
I have just thought of a art-goal as well for this exercise…..

to see if I can get vivid colour with a waterbrush. I got a new large size pentel bruch on Saturday. I know most of you all prefer niji or kuretake but kuretake are so hard to get water flowing through them. The pentel one are very wet but I think the trick is to make sure they are loaded with enough pigment – juicy washes are needed.

Also, I really want to exercise FAST (ie ultra fast) sketching.

My eating habits on this diet will be extremely boring and repetitive…so I might not post every day…or maybe it is a challenge for me to make my sketches interesting and full of variety.

Not exactly sure what form this food diary is going to take…but I do want it to be the focus of my sketching for a week or so.
The goal 3kg weight loss in 6 weeks.
Aagh! It is a bit scary to put that in writing for all the world to see!!!

I plan to have a little break from my daily sketchbook (will still use it if I am out and about etc) so that I add a little more than just food to this one.

So far today, I have been more happy with the use of a waterbrush than I have been in a while….this is good because they are handy…

Also, I am not going to be at all precious about how lose or messy or scrappy these sketches are… so will just see where I end up.

What a fun journey – who cares if I am a bit hungry when I go to bed at night?


Another day… not quite in the swing of the drawing part of this diet but so far the sketching in order to do the right thing foodwise is working.

My food is very plain and boring….

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