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May 26, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Trip Prep 11_01 Palette Planning
Ok… I made a mistake to say no sketching this week. I was so tired tonight that I had to have a break from Blurb-book making and do one of the most relaxing type of sketches.
The heading of this image(in flickr) refes to trip prep… yes TRIP PREP time again!!! For those who read the fine print one the destinations is mentioned above. Only a short trip this year and a lot less destination…. Even the most liberal of allowance means only 3 sketchbooks I think (instead of 8 last year)
BTW – clue was here on my flickr
110329 A Definition of A Crazy Urban Sketcher
and here
World Map
this is the cover for my trip prep book which I started back in March (though haven’t done much since then!

Trip Prep 02_To do Lists
Last year I had a ‘sketchbook’ for trip prep pages and a scribble notebook for all the details of bookings etc as I was planning it all. This year I am combining the two – recording all my planning in the ‘trip prep sketchbook’ and trying to develop simple and quick ways of making a ‘page’ out of a working page. Here are two attempts…
Details blanked out as I am not ready to reveal to everyone where I am going and what I am doing…yet (if at all!- how is that for being mysterious!?!)
I often think at work when I am doing a quick sketch to work out a design problem that if I took a little longer, didn’t scribble notes without thought, that the drawing could be used as is to send to a client – a similar concept here… Just a few seconds in planning, a little extra time to strive after neat writing and a quick wee sketch is all that is needed to make a page.
Trip Prep 03_Thoughts from last year
Some thoughts that I jotted down today at work (on architects’ butter paper)…all about last years trip. I scribbled over the spread while sitting in traffic on the way home (in the dark) to create a background. ‘Achievements’ isn’t quite the right heading for the list on the left. I had planned to do a big review after last year’s trip but never got around to it. Now is the time to reflect and plan for the ‘next time’.

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