Trip Prep 01-03: Thinking about paint (and other things)

May 26, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Ok… I made a mistake to say no sketching this week. I was so tired tonight that I had to have a break from Blurb-book making and do one of the most relaxing type of sketches.

Trip Prep 1

… yes TRIP PREP time again!!! For those who read the fine print, one of the destinations is mentioned above. Only a short trip this year and a lot less destination…. Even the most liberal of allowance means only 3 sketchbooks I think (instead of 8 last year)

BTW – clue was here earlier


and here

this is the cover for my trip prep book which I started back in March – though haven’t done much since then!

Trip Prep 2

Last year I had a ‘sketchbook’ for trip prep pages and a scribble notebook for all the details of bookings etc as I was planning it all. This year I am combining the two – recording all my planning in the ‘trip prep sketchbook’ and trying to develop simple and quick ways of making a ‘page’ out of a working page.

I often think at work when I am doing a quick sketch to work out a design problem that if I took a little longer, didn’t scribble notes without thought, that the drawing could be used as is to send to a client – a similar concept here…

Just a few seconds in planning, a little extra time to strive after neat writing and a quick wee sketch is all that is needed to make a page.

Trip Prep 3
Some thoughts that I jotted down today at work (on architects’ butter paper)…all about last years trip. I scribbled over the spread while sitting in traffic on the way home (in the dark) to create a background. ‘Achievements’ isn’t quite the right heading for the list on the left. I had planned to do a big review after last year’s trip but never got around to it. Now is the time to reflect and plan for the ‘next time’.

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