Starting a Watercolour Moleskine again

April 12, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Here is the first page…

it is VERY strange to be using a different book and to be using a moleskine – over 2 years since I last used one. So much has happened in that time – generally and with my sketching and composition.
The explosion of the cerulean blue is the result of my new resolution to water my palette before a big day sketching. Maybe not such a good idea for pan paint – the extra moisutre made it expand. It is working to keep the tube paint filled pans nice and moist!

the first few pages of my moleskine….

Here are the first two of my text pages.

One thing that I certainly didn’t like in former days of using moleskines were my pages of text. But I now have a better feel for composing these pages.I also don’t really like writing on such ‘good’ paper. I also knew that my guidelines would not be visible through the thicker paper.

What I didn’t expect was the fact that the page size and paper type constrained me to write smaller and use the tighter line spacing.

I am rather enjoying using the bottom spread this week

hmmm horizontal composition feels like a challenge! After doing this page I thought that I will have to start thinking more about composing the page before I start sketching until I get used to it.

I also realised that my grand intentions of loosening up (further to Lauras post- see two weeks ago) doesn’t quite fit with trying moleskine again. Goes to prove that so much is going on my brain that each week is a different story! So here is a ‘loose’ page attempt!

Ok – I find this page interesting because I started thinking about composition and ended up approaching it like a accordion fold ie. open ended compositions so I could flow on to the next sketch to continue the story of my life. (Just for the record I have never tried an accordion fold but I have studied other peoples approaches to it – esp at the USk symposium in Portland where I could see them taking shape in real life!)

The heading is an interesting point for me as the cartridge paper of my normal sketchbook is SOOO beautiful to sketch on fluidly that I do believe it helped wean me off sketchy lines. This paper although nice isn’t as fun to sketch on and so I am interested to see if it will allow my looseness as much

BTW the semi cryptic comments can indeed become totally cryptic a few years down the track – Who or what was PM and why was I anxious, also who is G and why was the email from G so significant?

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