Blue and Broad Baroque

February 8, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Two scribble sketches and notes following two arrivals today.

1. Blue Ink (Noodlers Polar Blue) for my Lamy at work. Instead of the traditional red markup pen for the last few years, I have been using blue as it photocopies better. So as I have always been a fountain pen girl (yes, back in my early teens I used a vintage pen of my dad’s) I decided if I got blue ink I could mark up, write and sketch(design sketches on butter paper) all in the one Lamy pen…and never have to use Artline 0.4 felt pens with damaged nibs ever again!!! I don’t intend to use it for sketching but might do so!

2. A broad nib – for use on larger scale works. Wasn’t flowing very well with my normal Noodlers Bulletproof black so for fun I put blue in as well and it is flowing better. Need to wear it in a little though as not flowing like I would like on day one (might need to get it adjusted) I seriously have to get this working perfectly in the next few days…so lots of scribbling ahead for me!

So this page is just a testing page and a bit of fun. Interesting how a blue line changes the feel of a typical Liz Baroque sketch (this was one of the things that Jason Das did in the USK Symposium session on urban colour).

It’s also interesting how the thickness of the nib affects the amount of linework…this is obvious I know but it was funny how it happened without me really being conscious that I was doing so (I did the broad one first)

BTW, I didn’t clean the black out of the broad pen before adding the blue(lazy!) hence the blue-black colour!

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