Trip2012: Pre trip visit to T2

June 30, 2012 | 1 Comment

Like I normally do – the last Saturday before I go on an overseas trip (or the first day of an at-home vacation) I try to fit in a visit to T2. Have been visiting mainly with friends lately so haven’t been as focused on sketching lately (this is a good thing!)… And today I was a little rushed. They have new cups but I haven’t had a chance to do them justice.

I realised that I have never got any of the staff to sign my book (like I do in most tearooms that I visit!) and that they hardly ever see the finished product. So today I did both. Was sketching in one of the comfy but DARK spots… So always a little fun to see what the colours are like when you come out back in the light

As my text says there are so many things that I love about this place… But the thing that is the most special is DEFINITELY the wonderful wonderful staff… So for any of the staff who sees this… Thank you for always making each visit special!

BTW, if any of you have missed it (how?) I am going soon to the Dominican Republic for the 3rd Urban Sketchers Symposium

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