Sketching to the rescue?

November 15, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

As most of you know I ate a lot of scones while in the UK and then a lot of gelato, pizza and pasta in Italy. As a result, I want to lose a few kilos (not too dramatic but I want to keep within the limits I sent myself a few years ago).

So… after struggling a little to keep to my plan in recent weeks I have decided to sketch my food this week (not going to draw everything I eat and I am certainly not going to bore you with posting every sketch I do) but I have to say that sketching your dinner is a great way to eat slowly and eat less.

It is also a way to get some sketching in each night/lunchtime so I can get back to chores (or scanning!) BTW, it was nice to have last week off scanning but Volume 3 starts tomorrow!!!

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