A social sketching weekend!

November 15, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

I had a great weekend – social and sketching combined!

LensCleanerColour (not Watercolour) 🙂 Didn’t have any water with me – the only liquid was my lens cleaner… so I used a bit of it! One of the things I love about Sydney is how many half views you get of the famous icons/harbour.

Balls Point, North Sydney

Friday night dinner and supper- as I said in my scribble notes- sketching Thai food when with friends is SO hard….

and although I sketch a fancy tea cup from time to time it is hard to do so when you are tired and with company – talking a lot!

Nice morning in the Botanic Gardens…

With a good sketching friend

And then a little treat before heading to my nephew’s birthday (social and no sketch!)

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