Trip Prep 16: Tearoom Suggestions?

July 15, 2010 | 3 Comments


Things are getting a bit much for me with my trip prep and work etc that I haven’t had a chance to sketch! But tonight I just HAD to do something. This is a cup from my Royal Albert set that I got earlier in the year and haven’t actually sketched the 5 designs yet!

Anyway this is a call for any good tearoom suggestions to the following destinations… I am not revealing ALL the places I am going to! (I don’t expect to find them at every destination!)


  • Seattle – Queen Mary Tearoom?
  • New York



  • The wonky map of the UK shows approximately the areas I might be in (though John O’grouts is probably not going to be part of my itinerary!) I have been known to go on a BIT of a detour for an award winning tearoom.


  • Venice
  • Bologna
  • Rome


  • AutumnLeaves says:

    If you are going to be in Seattle and have an extra day to spare, I might suggest you head up to Victoria, BC. They have an exquisite hotel up there with a tea room…The Essex, I think? Beautiful and I think you'd enjoy seeing a bit of the place and maybe the ferry ride as well!

  • Claire M says:

    What a treat to see another of your tea cups this morning. I think they are so charming. I'm not really a tea drinker myself so I don't have any suggestions for you to visit. But…. I hope you have lots of fun in your "tea travels"!!

  • mwquilt says:

    Are you going to Glasgow? The Willow Tearoom in Sauchiehall Street is very central and has a Charles Rennie MacIntosh connection ( there is another branch also..can't think what they call it, but it is also central)You can get a very nice full tea with cakes and sandwiches or just tea or coffee, and various snacks. The crockery is not as colourful as at your T2 though 🙂

    Myself, when I am in Glasgow, I really like TchaiOvna in Otago Lane ('s pretty "studenty" but I think they have a much wider selection of teas and it is very bohemian in a comfortable sort of way ( I am well over 50 years old and feel perfectly at home there. They have a website and there are piccies on Flickr if you google.

    Have a great time

    marina in England

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