Trip Prep 4 & 5: Paint and Sketchbook Setout

June 26, 2010 | 3 Comments

Trying to work out the perfect palette (for me!)… for some reason I wanted to try paynes grey(I got it in a set but never used it)… I know some people can’t live without it and others are dead set against it. Not sure that I see the point of it- when you can mix more lively colour with burnt sienna and french ultramarine.

Interested in peoples thoughts? Also any colour that I MUST have…

I love playing with colours and love reading the handprint site

I have recently put together a photo album of last year trips full of photos and every spread from my travel sketchbooks. In doing this I realised a few things- this page summarizes them. Stick to these suggestions will make my options great for what I do with my pages when I return. The most important is to try to avoid writing across a gutter


  • AutumnLeaves says:

    I just so enjoy these pages. I wish I had reason, need, supplies, the head to wrap around such thoughts myself. What great journals you keep!

  • It's so exciting to see these preparations Liz – and thanks for the journal tips! I bought Paynes grey once and have hardly used it – preferring also the more interesting greys you can mix, but it may be useful for quick tones straight from the pan when in a hurry..?

  • Anna Wolf says:

    Interesting post! I also find it difficult to find the perfect palette – especially for my outdoor sketching gear which only contains 12 colors…. Paynes grey I never liked so much althouh I can imagine it useful for quick sketches outdoors where you can´t spend as much time mixing as in the studio. I love the greys you geet from browns + ultramarine, but I sometimes find that they separate almost too much when drying, especially if I use a lot of water, resulting in areas that are completely brown and other blue ( I use W&N artist colors). So, if one wants a more homogene (is that a word in english??) grey, I could see the usefulness of a ready mixed one… although I prefer neutral tint for those occations.

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