Trip Prep 6-8: Travel kettle, my folder and some wardrobe decisions

June 29, 2010 | 3 Comments

I am somewhat stressed at the moment with everything on my plate… but of course I still TRY to fit in a bit of ultra quick sketching in order to record the exciting but crazy period leading up to a big trip. These are really just for me as a record – not supposed to be pretty pages – perhaps good training for getting a sketch down in a ridiculous short period of time.

06- Travel Kettle

This is the second sketch that I did – the first spread I got carried away recording a conversation we had in the office and forgot about leaving space for the sketch. The conversation confirmed that the crazy thought I had about getting one of these wasn’t so crazy- I discovered that someone I work with, actually takes a coffee machine with him on holidays. I said “why is it acceptable to be fanatical about coffee…but not tea?” To which someone else replied “People who drink tea are ODD!” Ok… I am happy to be odd.

As much as I love America – there is no way I can make a cup of tea by putting water through a coffee maker! Sorry- I shudder at the thought!

BTW the kettle is smaller than my sketchbook.

BTW2, I won’t tell you about my sketchbook crisis tonight….

07- My folder

I think this will be the last journey for this folder- starting to get rather worn now. I just know that the last week(still a number of weeks away) will be crazy- so starting to get as organised as possible now! This sketch was down in an instant(looks it too!)

08 – Refining wardrobe choices

I am used to overseas travelling in autumn and winter so it is a novel concept to think of cool outfits. I love wearing dresses on hot days- but they have to pass the hand wash in the basin test!!!

TW My dresses don’t look like this at all…


  • Nita says:

    Just a note from a tea fanatic. When traveling I've discovered that if I drop a tea bag (good Assam tea!) into a drink bottle, in 3-4 hours I have good coldbrewed tea. After I clear security, I fill a bottle, drop in a bag, then on the plane I have decent tea anytime I want!

  • Robyn says:

    Don't leave home without your travelling jug!!!! I have never been able to get over the fact that the cheapest motel in Australia has a jug and tea bags. Europe – FORGET IT!!!! Why?????? Sometimes our visitors stay at a beautiful B&B near us. The suites have a kitchen but do they have a jug or kettle? NO!!!! I always lend one.

  • AutumnLeaves says:

    Love the dresses, Liz. I have never made tea by putting water through a coffee maker! In fact, I wasn't aware that anyone does that. (I must be way behind the times.) 'Course I've always known that Europeans are also against the standard tea bag here (put the bag in a cup of boiling water and let it steep). I've also made tea by using loose tea in a small metal ball thing and letting that steep in boiling water. Is there other ways (and I don't mean the coffee pot thing! LOL)? Truly curious…

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