EDM in EDiM 06 Childhood Toy -Take 2

May 6, 2010 | 5 Comments

I had some spare time tonight so I could do a second spread today – I also realised that I have to wait till the 29th of the month before “Draw something architectural” comes up on the list and really craving to draw a building or two.

As I said in the text above… Not happy that Bert really fitted the category properly…so got thinking. My favourite toy was definitely LEGO and a very exciting experience in recent years was the re-discovery of my lego books – it brought back the inspiration from the past (much more that the lego blocks themselves) …so this page is dedicated to that experience!

BTW 1- I de-lego-ed these buildings for the purposes of my sketch
BTW 2 – While sketching this I had a thought inspired by the cantilevered balcony that it would be fun to build a Frank Lloyd Wright building in lego so I am highly amused to discover thanks to google that there is an “architecture’ range of Lego…and you can get Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater in lego – WOW! But I don’t think they will ever make a Borromini building in lego!?!
BTW 3 – I never had the pieces to make these – well I did attempt the red and blue building but couldn’t even start the yellow – they intrigued me though being so different from the normal
BTW 4 – I think I was destined to be an architect….

I forgot to mention that the best part of the previous Bert page is….

that I made Bert Borromini’s size and only attached him to the base of the page so he practically jumps out of you when you open the spread – now if I had kept up my pop-up book skills I would remember how to make him truly pop-up!


  • travelingsuep says:

    Fabulous Take 2 spread.

    I thought Borromini had been missing from your posts for too long – & now he has a new friend 😀

  • Liz you are amazing. I love the Lego drawings. Having had two boys, our house was overrun with Lego's. Your drawings are so fun and fantastic

  • Anna Wolf says:

    I really love your lego-sketch, although I don´t really understood the story – what is a lego book?

    My children adores your Bert-drawing BTW, I can´t read any other blogs tonight, because they won´t let me leave this page 😀 As soon as I try my youngest screams "Bert gone, bert gone…" and starts crying…

  • Johanna says:

    I just love seeing your sketches. And today it makes me a bit sad too. I wanted to be an architecht, but never went for it. And now it feels like it's too late. I just can't go through five more years of education (so I guess I don't want it enough).

    I am going to make this a starting point to try and figure out what it is/was that attracted me about the profession, and then see if I can find a different way to do at least some of those things.

    Sorry about the totally unrelated ramble, I just wanted you to know that I really really appreciate that you share your wonderful sketches. These LEGO houses look like a lot of fun.

  • AutumnLeaves says:

    I see your pages and am just so inspired by them. What fabulous books of art you have there.

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