100416 Old tool - new toy!!

April 16, 2010 | 2 Comments

100416 Old tool - new toy!!

Everytime I get a free voucher at my local art store I spend it on something different.
Two years ago I picked up my old technical pens and tried to sketch with them – here. Very clogged after many years of non use… well I now have a brand new .25 nib and tried sketching with it… somewhat scratchy with my style of sketching!! Very very different to be trying to sketch with any old work tool from the past.
Interested in here if anyone else uses them – I am interested in the rapidoliner which sounds very interesting – I have never come across them in real life…since I only needed them for drafting – just in the Gary Simmons book ” The Technical Pen”.

BTW I have decided to turn every page in my new Banister Fletcher while I am having my evening cuppa. At 50- 100 pages flicked through a night it will only take me a month! At least I am getting to understand the scope of it – LOVE all the illustrations in it so much!

Ok – time to take it easy… it is Friday night after all!


  • AutumnLeaves says:

    Early Friday a.m. here. Love the sketch and the insight on the pen. Someone gifted me a drawing pen with nibs and ink. I've yet to venture into using it. Ink always scares me.

  • Pat says:

    I just spent my coffee break to look through your sketch travel books. So organized and so wonderfully painted. I am having fun with a Lami fountain pen at the moment.

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