Summer 09/10: The rest of my holidays

January 14, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

My blog is dragging behind again…so catching up…

I just can’t keep away… from T2!

Lovely catch up and sketching morning with Alissa and Wendy – but a bit too hot to be out in the sun sketching- 34.5C

When I don’t feel like doing anything… I turn to Baroque architecture for inspiration ( this is fairly restrained baroque – but English Baroque nevertheless – don’t you love that word)
Sir John Vanburgh – Blenheim Palace. I got a beautiful book on his country houses that arrived on Christmas Eve.

You might be interested to know that after getting this urge for baroque sketching out of my system I got back to unpacking and even cleaned up my studio from the remains of the Remains of the Day journal making adventure last weekend (a truly scrappy experience.)

Ok – finished my holiday book – time to get a new book ready for back to work…

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