White bag, Baroque, Kaufmann and wedding flowers

November 16, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

The irony of my last post was that I actually drew the handbag just after reading a really heavy going architectural theory book. Look how the spread ended up. Don’t you just love the groovy lining to the bag!! (Did the building sketch today- Monday)

Hey, Maarten, made my day today by writing a limerick for me here

The wedding mention on the previous page was my brothers – here is a ultra quick and loose sketch of the fading flowers from the church.

I intended to use this spread to do a special summary page from the wedding… but I think that after my 5 weeks of travel sketching (yes, I will get back to scanning the remaining 3.5 books soon, I promise!) that I just prefer to capture something from the moment- even quickly and be ready for the next adventure!

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