Europe09: Day 11 - To Scotland via Durham and Earl Grey's tearoom

November 17, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

Ok… Back to my travel journal. This day I made a detour and added to my driving hours in order to visit a Top 50 tearoom – not any tearoom.. This one is in the home of THE Earl Grey – the man behind the tea that I am obsessive about. I also finally made it to Scotland which is like my second home – I have so many dear friends there!

Before going to the tearoom I wanted to visit Durham – was there in 2000 and disappointed that I could take any photos inside. Of course that would bother me now! Unfortunately it was closed for a memorial service… But I still got to sketch.

The Earl Grey Tearoom was GREAT! Once again, I wish I had had more time as there were many sketchable views and objects. And the tea was wonderful!

Things happen to me and the bear… While I was sketching a staff member walked past (I was the only one in the tearoom at the time since it had just opened) and wanted to know what I was doing. After a brief chat, I looked up to see the whole staff walking out ‘We were told we have to look at your book” – to which I replied “Only if I can take a photo of you all” and then when they were forming for the photo I said “And who is going to hold the bear!”

How special for Borromini to have his photo taken with the whole staff of the Earl Grey tearoom!
To top off the experience they gave me a gift of the small guidebook to the garden – how nice is that!!

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