A new sketchbook and lots of sketches

February 27, 2009 | Leave your thoughts

I’ve just started a Ebony book by Daler and Rowney, and I’m loving it! Here are some pages with my descriptions from Flickr

Anyone missing my cups? This is the inside cover of my new journal (An A5 Daler Rowney book with 150gm2 cartridge paper) The front cup is “English Garden’ Elizabethan Staffordshire and the rear is the very first cup I was given (when I was 16)


A quick sketch this evening – been meaning to sketch this for months now.

I haven’t been able to find the time to go out sketching for a few weeks now (really missing it!) but here is a quick sketch I did this week.

A great brutalist concrete building from the early 70s. My dad used to work in this building and as a kid I thought it was really cool (is that a sign that I was destined to be an architect?) I am surprised that a number of the building that I thought were ‘cool’ as a child of 10 are actually quite ugly and very brutalist!

It was one of the first bank buildings in Australia to use a computerised system and has numerous windowless floors which housed the original large computers. To make the building usable these days new windows have been inserted in the blank concrete walls….somewhat ruins the integrity of the original building in my opinion.

I hope to go back and sketch the building from the most dramatic view soon – this view was just from where I parked my car the other day.

just a quick sketch and ‘talking-to-myself’ text on the side

Two sketches of lunch with my best friends – in between are some great drawings of the Wiggles by a 3.5 year old – if you don’t know about the Wiggles- you are lucky! There is not a kid in Australia that is not crazy about them – or a parent that is not stick of their songs!

Japanese dinner and another teacup!

Ok…I am at it again…. Sydney traffic is SO bad!

Can’t stop sketching day (during lunchtime) and night!

Another teacup!
I suppose some of you are wondering what I am doing taking my new teacup and saucer book with me to work…Do I sound like I am getting obsessive?

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