090228 FInal two cups for the month

February 28, 2009 | 2 Comments

Here is the most precious cup which was given to me from my great aunt a few years ago. She passed away last year and I did a page on her here
But it was worth drawing the cup again! It is so beautiful and rather worn…which really adds to its charm.

090227 My Most Precious Cup TaD27

Here it is – my final cup for the month….posted early in the day as I have a busy day ahead – hopefully with some sketching.
I got my mum to raid her cupboards for me and this was the best I could find. The original has a strong cream background and is very worn – this spread makes it look far prettier than it is in real life. it is strange to draw an everyday object that you have never bothered to look at before – even after years of eating off the plate!

It has been so much fun drawing cups in my life in the past month – probably would not have done it without the thing-a-day commitment – so what shall I do in March?

090228 Everyday Cup TaD28


  • Claire M says:

    These pages are fabulous! They are so cheery to look at and make me think of special dishes within my own family. It makes me want to have my mom pull out some of hers and her mother’s, as well as some of my own. That could keep me busy for some time. Thank you for the idea!! Your pages are beautiful.

  • Why am I drawn to the crockery!? Its simplicity? Its colour? Its all-things-tea?

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