Why is everything tea related?

April 8, 2014 | 3 Comments

I know some of you have this idea that my life consists almost entirely of tea and cakes (or sweet things) … sadly today’s sketches will do nothing to persuade you otherwise.

I had two awkwardly places appointments and it was not worth going back to work in between… so I used the opportunity to catch up with a friend (will have to work nights for to catch up.. hmm, I do that anyway!!)  A very nice waiter looked after us at the lovely cafe Avenue Road in Mosman – finding nice plates and cups for me to draw!! Thanks! These are what I can refelx sketching… It was a serious catch up with my friend…either talking or listening (or drinking or eating) Sketching was whatever happened on the page!

I then did a little shopping – a visit to Accoutrement which involved buying some tea  (making a new tea friend) plus a few dark chocolate bullets (in memory of the days when I used to work across the road and our wonderful secretary Erin used to get some for afternoon treat every so often.)  I did this sketch this evening and only had one of the bullets to get me in the mood.

Then I had another cup of herbal tea at Sparrow – Crows Nest before my ‘new wire’ appointment. One of my favourite cafes and the owners are so nice. I miss visiting this place frequently like I used to when I worked in the area.

And finally… I really am longing to find some time to do some sewing. Recently I came across a pattern called the Tea Dress and thought that suited me. Today I bought a copy of Burda Style and it had that dress in it!  I am very excited to discover that the dress has a pleat either side of the front panel….  those of you that are familiar with the ‘secret pockets’ I sew into my sketching dresses will know why this is an exciting discovery.

I am constantly surprised and delighted by the unexpected directions my sketching takes … it seems ‘no lines at all’ is the latest craze and I am loving it. I am not sure how much it shows in my work but I am having a HUGE amount of fun at the moment (if possible more than normal)! I hope the joy that I am having just playing with paint comes through. Contrary to appearances, my life is not an extravagant leisure-filled existence – things are quite tough for me at the moment (a freelance lifestyle has lots of ups and downs!)

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:5-6


  • I am just so delighted that you find time to sketch with all that you do. Hadn't realized you were free-lancing and I imagine that might be tough, though I suspect your reputation precedes you so it is all good. I love the daisies on the top photo. Lends some freshness to the tea and "crumpets."

  • Liz Steel says:

    thanks Crimson leaves…. hope all going well for you!
    I AM busy but converting 'being in demand' to income is a real challenge!

  • Sue Pownall says:

    Great sketches. The top one with the "half-ish" of muffin made me smile.

    What's wrong with taking time for tea anyway?

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