Expressive Urban Sketchers Workshop - The Evening before

April 9, 2014 | Leave your thoughts

Getting back to posting about the Expressive Urban Sketchers Week…

The evening before we had a late afternoon get-together at the Museum of Contemporary Art so that participants could meet each other before. It was wonderful to meet some new people from out of town (or Canada!) and to catch up with some old sketching buddies.

Lovely to see Ev and Angela from Melbourne and it was special to see Shantele from Lismore again. She was in Barcelona with Chris, Alissa and me so it was great to have all four together again. At one point someone said “this isn’t a just a workshop, it is a reunion” … exactly!… that is part of the urban sketcher culture! We are not just about producing art but about meeting and sharing too.

We went upstairs to the MCA Cafe and got a long table on the terrace. This is such a washed out photo but it is the opera house on the right side. Special thanks to Ethna for her great suggestion of the location!

Of course I sketched the view of the Opera House (but not my food!). Here it is in the context of the full spread.

Individual photos of the gang can be found in an earlier article here.

I was the first one to leave as I still had some packing of the ‘goodies bags’ finish…not to mention a little workshop prep….

It is no wonder then that the half-hour before this social event (having just returned from a day on the island with Paul) this was my view…. lying on the grass outside the MCA enjoying the beautiful Sydney sky. I do need rest times to keep myself going!!!!

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