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July 6, 2020 | Leave your thoughts

If somehow you have missed it, my latest SketchingNow course, Watercolour On Location has returned!


Watercolour On Location is my biggest course. It contains the most on location demos (we had two full days of filming outside in addition to two indoor filming days). It also contains many ‘next level’ concepts which rarely get addressed in detail. Once you have some basic sketching skills these are the concepts which you should grow into and they are the things which get me most excited when I’m sketching on location. These are the skills you need to create a successful sketch of your own when out urban sketching in a complex environment.

Here are a few more details about the course…

In Watercolour On Location you will learn:

  • how to start sketching a complex scene, how to find a story (a focal point) and how to decide what to leave out
  • how to improve colour and value (including shadows, temperature, capturing light and more)
  • ways of learning how to sketch various elements such as trees, skies, water
  • how to work out whether to start with line or wash and how to make watercolour decisions as you work
  • the logistics of urban sketching with watercolour – managing your palette and water etc. finding places to sit.

When you sign up for the course you’ll receive:

  • over 16 hours of video lessons – including over 15 different demonstrations filmed on location
  • extensive downloadable PDF handout (over 150 pages) of all lesson content
  • step by step lessons, each lesson building on the previous
  • in-depth content – the concepts are clearly explained and then applied to different ways of working
  • specific assignments – each lesson designed to explain the concept – both indoor ‘theory exercises’ and outdoor exercises
  • specially designed private classroom with dedicated assignment galleries for sharing work and a forum for discussions with others
  • ability to ask Liz questions about the lessons whenever you are working through the lessons
  • in-depth reviews of selected student’s work and the chance to have your work reviewed during a group run-through
  • multiple examples from Liz’s sketchbooks explaining how to use the concepts – including discussion of some less successful work and what she would do differently
  • full transcripts for all video lessons.
  • lifetime access to all course content and any future group run-throughs and bonus material.


Plus… if you sign up now you can join us for a Group Run-through starting on Wednesday 08 July 2020 and going for 12 weeks.

As a special event to celebrate the return of Watercolour On Location we are hosting a Group Run-through which includes:

  • A 12-week timetable for working through the lessons with a group
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions (YouTube livestreams with alternating time slots to accommodate people in all time zones and replays will be available if you miss it live)
  • All questions answered
  • Two review weeks where Liz will review a selection of work done by the group


I’m particularly excited about the weekly livestreams. I’ve been doing a number of them in the past few months and I’m always surprised by how much I’m able to cover in 1 hour. I always get lots of great questions and manage to do a few quick demos as well. Plus we always have so much fun – possibly a bit of banter or a challenge for me in some way.

And I just realised that the weekly livestreams during this Group Run-through will add 12 hours of bonus content to the course!

So yes, Watercolour On Location is a big course but it’s been designed to be an ongoing resource that you can return to over and over – picking up something different each time. I will host regular Group Run-throughs in the future, but it might be 12 months before I offer another one.

I love the concepts in this course so much and can’t wait to go through them again!

NOTE: Although this course was designed to help people achieve better results when sketching out on location it also contains lots of indoor theory exercises using photos. So even if you don’t go outside there is plenty in the course for you – using my photos. It’s also totally fine to do the outside exercises using your own photos or using scenes at home (interior spaces, views through windows or in your garden). We are living in very uncertain times, so it’s important that we all stay safe!


Find out more and signup to Watercolour On Location


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