Watercolour course has started

January 11, 2018 | 7 Comments

Another quick post today, to let you all know that my SketchingNow Watercolour 6 week online course has started, and I am loving it!

This photo was taken yesterday morning while I did a proofread of the Lesson 1 handout. All the lessons are in video format but I also am providing a downloadable written version for easy reference. Lesson 1 is 19 pages long – lots of images!

I can’t wait to share lots of techniques for using watercolour in quick sketches. The theme of the course is how to create watercolour magic by using bold strokes, lots of water and letting it settle naturally – with no fiddling!

This is a weekly course which means that a new lesson is released each week. I review all the work submitted into the classroom and post group feedback once a week. This is the first time that I have held an interactive course on my new site – it’s nice not to have to use Flickr anymore – so there has been a lot of tech stuff happening behind the scenes!

It’s been great over the last few weeks to see people post their warmup exercises from the Intro Lessons on Instagram (see them here) and to read that these exercises have helped them learn more about their materials and personal preferences. Now, it’s time to get to the good stuff!

A huge thanks to everyone who has already enrolled and posted their work into the classroom. It’s an incredible honour to be able to teach you all like this and to be part of your creative journey! It’s really a dream come true to be offering a course dedicated to watercolour.

Note: Enrollment is still open, but not for long. This is the only time I will offer the course in this interactive way and it will not be available as a self-directed course for at least 6 months. Click here for more details about the course.



  • Diane says:

    Hello Liz ! I am VERY HAPPY to have taken the course. The introduction classes were quite useful. The videos of week 1 do answer quite a lot of my questions regarding watercolor in my sketchbooks… ‘Why does it do that?’. I did ‘binge watch’ all the videos of week 1. Now it’s time to review all this with a cup of tea and start my homeworks. Thank you for your enthousiasm and the sharing of your knowledge. Diane

  • Kirk Whiteside says:

    When will we see the Lesson 1 Handout? I like to print them out so I can review them when my computer isn’t available.

  • Phil Baker says:

    Website for course seems to be down

    • Liz Steel says:

      Hi Phil, we were just doing an upgrade, if it was down it must have been only for a few moments. Back up now for sure! Sorry for any inconvenience – hit refresh if you have any problems.

  • Denise Rose says:

    I am soon enjoying the class Liz! Doing the lesson on color now and this is so fun! You are an excellent teacher and I really appreciate your clarity and organization in presenting the material to us. Just wanted to say hello and thanks!

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