Volume 5!

December 9, 2010 | Leave your thoughts

Volume 5 of my big trip!!!
Just when I was despairing about how long this scanning was taking I manage to get the next volume up quicker than expected (and this one required the most work before I started scanning!)

This is my most ambitious and draining part of the trip – quite a lot of driving, over stimulation in going to numerous magnificent great houses one after the other- visiting friends (and family) and staying with some as well. Not to mention trying to find chill time in award winning tearooms!!!!! And to add to all that I had a motorway closure and serious car problems! There were NUMEROUS pages in this book that were not completed at the time – either needing text or colour or maps etc…but it is all done now! Yay!

Enjoy!!! And if you are getting sick to death of cups of tea… don’t worry there isn’t a single cup of tea sketch in the next volume!

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