A video of a typical sketching outing (and finishing my pages)

August 5, 2021 | 2 Comments

A typical sketching day for me involves a lot of sketching (and walking) plus a visit to my favourite tearoom. If I’m in Sydney it also often will contain a warmup sketch of a gothic cathedral (St Marys) and a quick version of the SOH (Sydney Opera House).

As I work on location I leave lots of white space (more options for layout later) and I vary the position of my sketches on the page. I’m trying to design a sequence of pages, not just a few individual sketches.

When I get home I add text, headings, borders and maps and tie the pages together so that they read as a single event and there is a flow from one page to the next.

This video is a summary of the Lesson 4 demo inside my Sketchbook Design course. If you are receiving this blog article via email, please click here to view the video.

And finally just a last reminder…

The Group Run-through of Sketchbook Design just started (yesterday) and it’s not too late to join.


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