Trip 2011: USK Lisbon Symposium Day 1

August 15, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Ok… time to start posting my sketches from the Symposium. As my sketchbooks are more travel journals I have added notes and maps and collage as much as I can so most of these pages are self explanatory…but a few extra notes. Just for the record it takes me 1-2 hours of work to ‘finish’ my pages for each day. When I am travelling solo I normally achieve this in the evenings. But this years trip I was with people nearly all the time so this 1-2 hours is done now! A great way of re-living my day!
Ok… here we go…

08_Thurs 01 Summary
You can see from the map how compact and close everything was.
The business card is of an art store that I did not buy anything from – it is hard to believe I know!
I can’t put into words how wonderful it is to have my own travel kettle when in European countries…

08_Thurs 02 Cityscapes1
First session was Cityscapes with Marc Holmes and Filipe Leal De Faria. It was a relaxed session and we were free to sketch what we liked while Marc gave a wonderful demonstration. This is EXACTLY what I needed and it found it very relaxing! There was plenty of time to sketch and talk to other sketchers…many of whom I was very happy to meet …I won’t name names lest I omit someone.
This was a warm up sketch…
08_Thurs 03 Cityscapes2
This was my first ‘real sketch’
08_Thurs 04 Cityscapes5
It was a lovely morning and it was great to soak up the sun and sketch away…. and sketch and sketch and chat and chat….
08_Thurs 05 Cityscapes4
I really got to meet everyone this session and was able to get them to sign my book – never managed this again!
08_Thurs 06 Lunch and Tias Talk
We all went to have lunch together and a number of my fellow urban sketchers were amused at my ability to sketch and eat at the same time… what is the big deal?
Time for the afternoon lectures – Tia gave a great lecture on her group sketching project and exhibition.
08_Thurs 07 Ruths Talk
The second talk was wonderful and I was able to follow Ruth’s very interesting concepts – in a way they follow on from a thought provoking discussion by Laura Frankstone over at Artist Journal Workshop blog about sketchbook being process or product. I tried to take notes but my academic brain was well and truly on holidays. I am looking forward to downloading the lecture and reading it over a cup of tea real soon!
08_Thurs 08 Unfinished Business1
Afternoon session with Nina and Jose. Jose told me that I was only to do one spread and to think about it!?! Now what a challenging thing for me to do!?!? You know, I should do both of these things more often as it was a very useful exercise!!!
08_Thurs 09 Unfinished Business2
But of course after I had done the one spread…I was ready to do another!!!
08_Thurs 10 Correspondent Dinner

We finished the day with a correspondent’s dinner – way too many people to meet and sketch. I resisted the urge to sketch the sketchers(sarcasm here) and just sketched my food instead. Honestly, I felt so inadequate once again because I am not confident to sketch other people… my big challenge for the coming year (I know I said that last year) I ended up talking most of the evening (how surprising!) and a very empty page was filled up with collage early the next morning (too excited to sleep much!)

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