Trip 2011: The Day Before (the Symposium)

August 16, 2011 | 1 Comment

A fun filled day, the day before running into sketchers left right and centre and struggling to decide what to do and ignoring a headache(I only remember this part of the day now because I recorded it at the time)

All explanations should be on the pages. This year’s sketchbooks, I was with people the whole time and worked very fast, but also tried to include as much collage as possible and write notes everywhere.

07_Wed20 03 Arco da Rue Augusta with Omar

07_Wed20 04 Lunch and Tearoom view

07_Wed20 05 Only Tearoom Visit

07_Wed20 06 Sketching with others

07_Wed20 07 Escadinhas Do Duque with Paul and Orling

07_Wed20 08 Night before Dinner

1 Comment

  • mm says:

    hey liz,i am an architecture student in 2nd year…i would just like to say ,u r simply brilliant…and your work is very romantic…

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