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September 14, 2018 | 5 Comments

I feel very honoured to have been featured in two articles in the fabulous Watercolor Artist Magazine this year.

The first one was in the special 25th anniversary issue dated April 2018, and the second on in the current issue October 2018. I had to wait for the postage to Australia so I’m a bit late sharing about these – particularly the first one, as it arrived after I had left for my big trip.


The first ‘article’ was in the Open Book section (on the last page) sponsored by Winsor and Newton and featured my Golden Gate Bridge sketch. In the brief description I talked about taking risks – drawing into wet washes and splashing over the top. You can read a longer description of these concepts here in this article.

I also got a little surprise thank you gift from Winsor Newton for this article – thank you W&N!


The second is a double page spread in the bright ideas section and it’s a summary of my Everyday Sketching project from earlier in the year. You can read more details about the project including my prompts here. There are lots of great comments in this article too so I recommend you check it out.

It’s always a bit of a wierd feeling to see one of my personal sketchbook pages in print like this. I know that I share them online on my own platforms at the time, but seeing them inside a popular magazine is different as it feels closer to the original – it’s as if people are actually holding my sketchbook.

And also, what is quite fun about the coffee spread included in this article, is that the notes on the page transported me back to an important week in my life. Without reading the text I already knew that the white cup on the left meant that it was a hot day, and I remembered that the latte with the red saucer was at Balmain where I had two meetings. But I had forgotten that this was the week I moved to my new apartment so the short notes at the bottom of the page reminded me of that. I also really love revisiting what I was reading in the mornings – these verses are from Daily Light on the Daily Path.


Anyway, it’s so wonderful to be able to share to a different audience some of my ideas to get people sketching more. Thanks Watercolor Artist for the two features!

You can order print or digital versions of both magazines here.



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