Trip Prep 20-22: People, balustrades, modillions and a sewing project

June 30, 2011 | Leave your thoughts

Trip Prep 20 People, 21 Balustrades and Modillions

more trip prep total scribbles… got to regularly draw and paint people … otherwise they have a tendency to be disasters like top right. Drawing people is ESSENTIAL at a Usk symposium… I felt so out of place last year that I couldn’t confidently draw people (especially having dinner with other correspondents)

On the right… two architectural elements that I don’t find easy to draw at balustrades and modillions. I did some review of Gerard Michel’s drawings and was so encouraged to discover how loose ‘the legend’ draws these elements. I personally am obsessed with getting the right number of modillions (more of this later if I get a chance)

Trip Prep 22 Sewing Project
I have been going on and on about my sewing project… here is a record that I did for myself of dress no. 3. The fabric is not really like this but I was experimenting with my white gel pen before and after paint. Surprise surprise… It is BROWN!!!

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