Trip Prep 06: The colour of the sky

June 9, 2011 | 1 Comment

More fun with paints….

I remember Wil Freeborn saying he used Cobalt Blue for the sky in Scotland. I thought that a little strange as ‘the sky’ is more Cerulean – little realsing how differnt the colour is in Australia. So I only really use Coblat when I am overseas….

so big question… can cobalt DEEP blue (which I am totally in love with!!!) do just as well…it is a very different colour – much cooler than Cobalt Blue.



1 Comment

  • Rain says:

    Interesting thoughts on sky color. You just made me realize then when I go to over to a different part of the world to paint, I'm going to have to consider what colors to bring. Hmm…a South East Asian country during rainy season – I wonder what I would need? 😀

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