Trip2012: Day 18 - Final (out of control) morning in NYC

August 10, 2012 | 1 Comment

Well this is it – all my NYC sketches are now scanned… just uploaded the final morning’s worth (I have been scanning and posting at the same intensity at which I sketched!!!)

… only 5 architectural sketches (2 of which had paint added later), a catch up with Veronica Lawlor (sadly couldn’t make it to catch with Melanie Reim – next time you are no. 1 priority!!!!) and did another 2 sketches AND then managed 3 visits to art stores…all before lunch (just as well I had 30 odd hours to rest on the way home!!!!) Why do I try to sketch at the same rate that most people take photos? why why why?????

Now, all I have to do is to finish scanning covers/ title pages / finish my Sunday pages and make into Issuu versions AND then scan the pages I have done in the last few weeks at home (only a few…I really haven’t been sketching much) AND then I will be up to date!

Thanks for being part of my journey!

So here is the final batch

Final view out my window

Municipal Building sketches (Richard Alomar took me around this area on our Wednesday evening tour, and I was desperate to come back and sketch!!)

First sketch didn’t capture the open portico/porch area so I did another one!

Still in the same area – Really lovely this combination of buildings …trying to draw space more rather than building as individual objects…my third sketch in approx 50 mins including the painting part… whoa!

final morning madness – rushing from one place to another so only time for lines. Paint added at the airport that afternoon when the colour memory was still fresh and of course using reference photo from iphone

Here is the final firehouse sketch – something I really wanted to sketch last time, and this time too, but had concluded I wouldn’t get a chance…I just happened to walk past this one- WOW!
a quick visit to DIck Blick – I wanted to get a huge brush like Anne Watkins… didn’t have a short handled brush but I got one anyway (for use in my studio)

One of my favourite buildings in recent years- Cooper Union by Morphosis.
Sub-5min sketch was all that I could fit in…

Final catch up with a sketcher- with Veronica Lawlor whose work I adore. Was great to have another post symposium catch!!


Views of Union Square from a table in the Wholefood cafe with Veronica Lawlor
… I couldn’t decide on which direction to sketch…so I did both. AH! a chance to do a quick sketch of the Empire State building! (something I thought I would get a chance for this trip)

2 unexpected visits to art store. V suggested we go to New York Central… I bought another fountain pen (did I need this?) and Anne’s husband who works there (my final final catch up with someone!) showed me a brush similar to Anne’s… and then in my rush back to the subway I walked past another art store- Utrecht!! Popped into that and they had a possum palette, something Daniel Green had been telling me about in SD. I also got some containers that look promising as a replacement to my small water container that is falling to pieces (held together by grimy silicon at the moment) I have made the resolution not to buy extra paint at the moment…but brushes and palettes always seem to get used.

WOW! what a crazy but exciting last morning…. time to go. .. at the thoughts of home, I always find myself ready to leave…and seriously I was somewhat exhausted!

A few of my travel sketches- from the long trip home!


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  • Jo Reimer says:

    Liz, I carry water in 45mm camera film cases and have had no leakage problems. The local camera store gives them to me when I ask. The lid snaps on tight and I've not had water in my bag yet.

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