Trip2012: Day 16 - My last full day sketching in New York

August 10, 2012 | 2 Comments

Day 5 in New York – my last full sketching day and once again two sketching events planned in the one day.
1. The first meeting of the New York Urban Sketchers (a bit of a symposium reunion) on the Highline
2. meeting flickr friend and amazing artist Anne Watkins.

BTW Only one more of these mega long posts…. thanks for scrolling through them. If you haven’t realised , I had made a huge push this week to get all my scanning done!

D16_SA21_01 More hotel room views

Another morning sketch from my hotel room. THis one is definitely my favourite. I was very relaxed and it just came out easily and quickly (and calmly!) and I am happy wiht the light (a rare thing!)

D16_SA21_02 Subway sketching
A quick sketch while waiting for a train… I can’t stop!

NYD5 01 Median sketching with RichardNYD5 02 Median sketching again

I turned up early for the Urban Sketchers meeting to get a sketch done prior to starting talking, found the building I wanted to sketch and guess what, there was already someone there, on the median strip, sketching the same thing… none other than Richard Alomar- the organiser of the days event.

D16_SA21_03 More median sketching 8th & 14th

NYD5 03 Highline Urban sketchers 1

D16_SA21_04 The highline with NY USkers

When everyone turned up we found a nice spot on the Highline – at the reclining chair area….a very nice spot but I am not at all happy with this sketch… but here it is in its very overworked state. I find red brick building with lots of regular windows very challenging…

D16_SA21_05 The New York USkers

I really feel the need to sketch more people (I know , I am a cracked record!) These are a little too loose, but this point in my trip was certainly not the time to try to slow down!

D16_SA21_06 The Highline in full sun

We moved along the Highline to almost the same spot that I sketched with France. We all sat in the full sun – it was VERY bright and this affected my tones somewhat!

NYD5 04 Highline Urban sketchers 2

D16_SA21_07 Final lunch with USkers

NYD5 07a meeting of the NY USkers

Tiring work – we were hungry and as it was the last of my meals with Urban Sketchers I just had to sketch…so my chicken mango salad it was. It was so great to see some symposium people again…that it made it hard to say goodbye! But, my next adventure was just around the corner.

D16_SA21_08 Natural History Museum in a rush

…well after trying to squeeze another sketch in on the way (I am a hopeless case!!!)

NYD5 11 With Anne Watkins!!!!!

Meeting Anne Watkins – what a thrill!!!

D16_SA21_09 Dinner with Anne Watkins!!!

We had such an amazing dinner – great food and wonderful company …and inspiring artwork (3 portraits- 3 of me and one of BB- more to come later) … I don’t think there was a moment of silence and very few without laughter… so it is not at all surprising that this page is a little over the top.

Thanks Anne for the most wonderful evening!!!!

I have more to write but that is enough for now!!!


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