Needing to chill

August 13, 2012 | 1 Comment

It has been a while since I did one of these (well except for my marker experiment last week!) and I know some of you are pleased to have a break from these tea cup sketches (I know I draw a lot of them!!!)

I have a million things to do (now that most of my scanning is done) and a lot of emails to reply to (so, please have patience with me, if you are one of them).. But tonight I just needed to do a comfort zone tea cup sketch…

Except for it not being quite my normal ‘comfort’ …my mouth is feeling sorry for itself after a 2.5 hour adventure with my dentist, I banished my lamy pen which has been glued to my hand for the past month, I had the cup at a different angle than usual and as my paint tin was next to it I couldn’t actually see the colours I was mixing, working wetter than I usually do AND shock horror I actually waited for the various splashy washes to dry….but I still didn’t take that long to do this (just a little longer than it took for me to drink the pot – 2 cups)

It was so nice to have this quiet moment to really take it slowly…. But that’s now done and I better get cracking again for a busy day tomorrow!

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